Sacramento Chapter Awards

Samuel J. Cullers

Samuel J. Cullers


The “Samuel J. Cullers Outstanding Achievement Award” is given in honor of our Founding President, Samuel J. Cullers and recognizes individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the region as a member of Sacramento’s real estate community.




Past recipients include:

2004 – Dr. Robert J. Fountain, Regional Economics Consultant

2005 – Al Johnson, Al Johnson Consulting, LLC

2006 – Bob Best, Pacific Legal Foundation & Ronald Zumbrun, The Zumbrun Law Firm

2007 – Joseph E. Coomes, Jr., Best Best Krieger, LLP

2008 – Harry C. Elliott, III, Elliott Homes

2009 – Buzz Oates, The Buzz Oates Group of Companies

2010 – Michael McKeever, Sacramento Area Council of Governments

2011 – David S. Taylor, David S. Taylor Interests, Inc.

2012 – Larry Kelley, McClellan Business Park, LLC

2013 – Charles Trainor, Trainor Fairbrook

2014 – Mark Friedman, Fulcrum Properties

2015 – Christopher Cabaldon, Mayor of West Sacramento

2016 – Jon S. Kelly, River City Bank

2017 – Tim Youmans, Tim Youmans Consulting



The “LAI Sacramento Capitol Award”  recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to LAI International by meritorious regional and/or international service over a sustained period of time.

Past recipients include:


2014 – Tim Youmans, Tim Youmans Consulting


2015 – Steve Burnett, GALLINA LLP, CPAs


2016 – Roberta Burke, Burke Capital